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2020 Data Management Benchmarking Survey

As the volume of data used in asset management has grown exponentially, so has the need to effectively manage, store, and distribute it. This CutterBenchmarking survey will reveal how your data management practices measure up against our Capability Model. By comparing the results to similar surveys we conducted over the last eight years, we will be able to analyze trends over time.

The survey covers:

Data Governance
Your firm’s approach to setting data management practices and policies aimed at improving data quality, improving data management efficiency, and adopting appropriate data controls and protections.

Data Architecture
Your firm’s approach, implementation, and standards for data management technology and systems. This includes tools for integration, data quality, data storage, and data analytics support.


Data Stewardship

Your firm’s approach to providing professional data management practices, including developing data expertise, monitoring and improving data quality, documenting data activities, and working to generate trust in the data that is in use.

Data Analytics and Delivery
Your firm’s approach to getting data into the hands of the data consumers. This includes your approach to empowering users, providing adequate controls, data analytics, and BI tools and skills.

Data Domains
Providing some insight into the support for data management practices for various individual data domains (e.g. security master, trades, performance, etc.) to identify areas of strength and weakness.

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What will you receive as a result of your participation?
Upon completion of the survey, participants will receive a flash report that compares your firm’s data management practices to Cutter’s capability model. Members of Cutter Research that complete the survey will also receive a detailed, and personalized report on how your firm compares to other firms in each of the capability areas. Non-members will have the option to purchase a full report. There is no charge to complete the survey and receive your flash report. 

For any questions or any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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