2021 Marketing Survey


Today’s marketers are working to transform their communication strategies to make better use of marketing channels (e.g. web, email, social media, apps) to meet the changing communication preferences of advisors, consultants, investors and shareholders. They are focusing efforts on content marketing, lead generation, personalization, segmentation, analytics, marketing automation and alignment with sales strategies and activities. All with the goal of driving asset growth.

Cutter Associates provides firms with insights, strategies and implementation expertise to help firms navigate the people, processes, technology and data management challenges associated with making the transformational changes firms need to compete in today's market. This marketing benchmark survey is for institutional, intermediary, retail and wealth management firms.


This survey will cover:

Marketing Strategy

Determining marketing objectives, brand perception and intended customer experience

Marketing Channels

Digital and in person efforts used to impact the customer experience. Channels include the firm website, email, social media and events

Marketing Content

Creating and distributing content for all points in the buyer's lifecycle

Marketing Operations

Managing, tracking and measuring marketing resources and activities including marketing data management and technologies


What will you receive as a result of your participation?

Upon completion of the survey, all participants will receive a flash report that compares your firm’s marketing practices to Cutter’s capability model.

Members of Cutter Research that complete the survey will also receive a detailed, and personalized report on how your firm compares to other firms in each of the four capability areas. Non-members will have the option to purchase a full report. There is no charge to complete the survey and receive your flash report.



For any questions or any additional information, please contact Beth LaGambina at

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