2023 Derivatives and Collateral Management Survey

Firms use derivatives for various purposes such as generating alpha or hedging risks in portfolios. Increased regulation and a recognition of the risks often inherent in these complex financial instruments have driven change in the processes used to manage them and support increased collateral management obligations. Asset managers and asset owners have addressed their derivatives processing and collateral management requirements in several ways: implementing newly acquired systems; reworking existing systems; developing new controls and business processes; and generally increasing their understanding of these instruments throughout the organization.

Take stock of where your firm stands in gaining efficiency in your derivatives and collateral management processes, and discover how close you are to deploying best practices.

Take the Cutter Benchmarking Survey.

The survey explores your firm’s capabilities in the following key categories:

Organization and Governance

Your firm's structure for managing derivatives and collateral, including roles and responsibilities and how your firm governs its practices

Operations and Data Management 

Your firm's processes for managing and meeting reporting requirements for collateral, lifecycle events (such as maturities and interest payments), and performance


Your firm's capabilities for order, generation, execution and confirmation processes for derivatives


Your firm's processes for managing positions, derivatives pricing/valuation, and accounting


Your firm's system support for derivatives management processes


Find out where your firm’s derivatives and collateral management practices and processes stand. Request access to the survey now by completing the form at the bottom of this page.    

What will you receive as a result of your participation?

Upon completing the survey, all participants receive a flash report that compares your firm’s derivatives and collateral management practices with Cutter’s Capability Model.

There is no charge to complete the survey and receive your flash report.

Cutter members that complete the survey also receive a detailed and personalized report on how your firm compares with other firms in each of the capability areas.

Non-members have the option to purchase the full report. If you want to learn more about becoming a Cutter research member, please contact us at


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