2023 Firmwide ESG Capabilities

Asset managers and owners have long considered corporate responsibility and sustainability in their investment, risk, and portfolio performance decisions.

More recently, these concepts have been conflated with ESG (environmental, social, and governance), which has become an industry buzzword.

Different investors take different views on ESG, and asset managers and owners today are striving to respond with policies that suit investor demand, their own corporate mission, and to follow regulatory guidelines.

Regardless of firms’ stances on ESG and sustainable investing, they are well served by a defined strategy, clear communications, and an informed approach to investment in ESG data and analysis, operational practices, and regulatory support.

This survey covers:

Strategy and Organization

Your firm’s approach to ESG, a section that includes questions about ESG products and investments, governance structure, budget, and organizational support.

Data Practices    

Your firm’s acquisition and analysis of ESG data, especially for purposes of investment decision-making and reporting.

Investing and Operational Practices 

Your firm’s support for ESG practices specific to the areas of the front office, marketing/sales/client service, compliance and risk management, reporting, and engagement/stewardship.


The tools and services used to manage ESG-specific data, practices, and reporting.


Find out where your firm’s ESG practices and processes stand. Request access to the survey now by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

What will you receive as a result of your participation?

Upon completion of the survey, all participants will receive a flash report that compares your firm’s compliance practices to Cutter’s capability model.

There is no charge to complete the survey and receive your flash report.

Cutter members that complete the survey will also receive a detailed and personalized report on how your firm compares to other firms in each of the capability areas.

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