2021 Managing Vendors and Service Providers


As organizations continue to focus on reducing costs and optimizing their third-party relationships, they are increasingly recognizing the vital discipline of managing vendors – including service providers and other suppliers.

Cutter realizes that asset managers and asset owners have a wide range of maturity and spending in their approach to vendor management. This survey is designed to look at how effectively your organization is managing vendors, from negotiating contracts and service level agreements to monitoring costs and risk.


This survey will cover:

Organization and Governance

Your firm's structure for vendor management, roles and responsibilities, and how your firm governs their vendor management practices

Vendor Selection and Termination

Your firm's administration of pre-screening and formally vetting vendors, contract negotiation, as well as transition planning for onboarding and decommissioning vendors

Ongoing Management

Your firm's assessment and monitoring of vendors in accordance with risk, compliance, performance, and financial concerns; this also includes your firm's administrative tasks related to contact, invoice, and user management

Processes and Technology

The specific tools and technology used to track and report on vendors and service providers


What will you receive as a result of your participation?

Upon completion of the survey, all participants will receive a flash report that compares your firm’s marketing practices to Cutter’s capability model.

Members of Cutter Research that complete the survey will also receive a detailed, and personalized report on how your firm compares to other firms in each of the four capability areas. Non-members will have the option to purchase a full report.

There is no charge to complete the survey and receive your flash report.



For any questions or any additional information, please contact Beth LaGambina at

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