Investment Operations Staffing Survey


Operations managers want to know how their staffing levels and organizational frameworks compare to others in the asset management industry.

But answering this question is complicated, since no two firms are identical. How much money do you manage? Which types of assets do you manage? What’s the profile of your client base? How much of the operations function is outsourced? These factors all have an impact on the answer.

To help get the information you need, we have designed a benchmarking study in which we set aside our usual Cutter Associates Capability Model to gather key metrics that compare firms in terms of their investment operations staffing levels and organizational structure.

The survey will look at the following categories:

Firm Profile

Basic information about your firm’s AUM, asset mix, product offerings, and types of clients to help us identify similar firms

Strategic Planning

Insights about your firm’s budget planning and challenges associated with operations

Staffing and Organizational Structure

Details on how your operations group is organized, the functions it performs, and how operations liaises with other areas of the firm


What will you receive as a result of your participation?

Cutter will evaluate and compile the survey results and share quantitative findings with you that compare participating firms’ staffing and organizational models.

There is no charge to complete the survey.


For any questions or any additional information, please contact Beth LaGambina at


To participate in this survey, please fill out the form below.

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