Performance Measurement & Attribution

The performance measurement and attribution (PMA) vendor landscape has changed considerably in the past decade, with vendors no less immune to the consolidation seen across our industry.

The debate about whether to use an integrated, front-to-back system versus a standalone (or best-of-breed) solution by function is not new. Historically, best-of-breed was the norm, and it has been commonplace for firms to maintain separate systems for performance measurement, attribution, and GIPS compliance. To this day, some best-of-breed solutions reign supreme in the more complex areas of PMA, but the gap with front-to-back providers is narrowing.

This report contains the results of Cutter Associates’ study of PMA, providing background on the industry changes since we last covered topic in 2016, as well as member practices and challenges relating to PMA. It also provides a review of the vendor landscape and evaluations of software tools that support PMA.

Source: CutterBenchmarking Studies on Data Management

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